Hey, I’m Nikki!

Welcome to my blog, Nikki the Drifter. Whether your next adventure involves a plane trip, quitting your job, or pursuing your dream life, 
I hope you’ll find something of interest here.

Currently, I am travelling around South East Asia, photographing and writing about my experience along the way with hopes of providing you with useful tips and tricks, guides and anecdotes regarding all things travel and budgeting!

I love to write about everything that matters to me. Whilst my life currently is comprised of long term budget backpacking, and so you will often find me writing about my travels and the exciting things there are to be seen in this fascinating world, you will also find me sharing my thoughts on savings and financial freedom, sustainability and the environment, and also, more often than not, my own failed attempts at things!

Being a bit haphazard and impulsive in my approach to planning, hence my leaving the UK with nothing but a one-way plane ticket and some savings in the bank, we have definitely had to figure some things out on the road. Nonetheless, there is some internal part of me that loves order and lists, spreadsheets and budgets. These two contradictory aspects of my personality work… interestingly together, and so I have plenty of first hand experience in how to plan and prepare for things, but also, how to roll with the punches when things just don’t seem to want to go your way.

So where did this all start, you might ask (or not, but don’t tell me that).

At aged 18 I moved to Brighton, UK to attend the University of Sussex where I went on to graduate with 1st class honours in Anthropology (the study of human cultures) with a so-called “proficiency” in Spanish (don’t ask me to speak Spanish – I can’t!). All of my studies of far off lands and “exotic” customs and traditions had ignited my wanderlust. But I was a little afraid, and let’s face it, on too tight a budget – being a lowly student and all – to do much about it.

Meanwhile, in the summer of 2013, between my 1st and 2nd years of University, I met Michael, back home in Birmingham, and we have been together ever since. Which, let me tell you, is not an easy feat considering our first two years were spent 170 miles apart from each other! But… he also had a dream of long term travel, before we ever met. In fact, he claims that he was about ready to set off, and then he met me and put it all on hold.

Graduation rolled around and I moved back in with my Mom in Birmingham. I got a job in field sales that I really wasn’t very good at, but quickly moved into an office based job with the same company. The pay was rubbish but it was my first job! I have always been a squirrel with my money, and so the saving began.

Aaaaannd then I was made redundant. Fast forward through 3 more jobs in the space of 2 years and I found myself in a job I loved. But the itch to travel was still there. By this point, both Michael and I had been saving for a couple years and decided now was as good a time as any to pack it all in, pack it all up and head off.

Now 4 months into our journey (Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia again, Singapore and Bali) I decided to start this blog, as a way to document my journey and experience, as well as to hopefully provide some valuable guidance (if I have any in me) to some of you backpackers and travellers out there wandering the world. Alternatively, I’m here for those of you  who are looking for that motivational push to start your journey to pursuing your dreams, whatever they may be – embarking on travel, starting your own business, buying a house, furthering your studies…

So, to get us more acquainted, here are a few things I love:

Dogs. Coconuts. Talking, a lot. Travel. My Osprey Fairview 40. Coffee. Family. Friends. Michael. Fruit. Especially coconuts.  Sustainable solutions. Positive energy and positive talk. Eating great vegan food. Did I mention coconuts? Photography. Making lists. Reading Books. Writing.

Help me get to know you by telling me something you love by commenting on my latest blog post.

I hope you enjoy reading along!

Lots of Love…


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