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Welcome to Nikki the Drifter, my brand new (and very first) blog! I am a 5ft nothing, 24 year-old from Birmingham, England, who is currently backpacking around South East Asia with my lovely partner of 5 (and a half-ish) years, Michael.

Affordable Backpacker Dates

This blog was born out of a desire to share the experiences I have throughout this drifter journey and the lessons we learn along the way, whilst also having something creative and productive to do with my time when the inevitable rainy season downpours hit. I have half-written several other blog posts to start this all off to little success… so, it seems logical, if not a little self-indulgent, to introduce myself, and welcome you properly.

I am quite the talker, so, prepare for a bit of a ramble…

Impulsivity and Drifting:

Having selected my A-level subjects by singing eenie-meenie-minie-moe in front of the registration administrator and, 2 years later, committing to attend a University I had never visited, or even considered, on results day, you may see that I am a reasonably impulsive person. This is partly why I refer to myself as a “drifter” – I have always had a tendency to wander, drifting between locations and situations without a clear-cut path or route.

In 2015, I graduated from the University of Sussex with 1st class degree in Anthropology. Like many graduates in the current economy, I moved back home to Birmingham, and started working and saving. Within 3 years, I had moved between 5 jobs involving 1 promotion, 2 redundancies, 1 failed probation, 2 periods of unemployment and finally a job I really loved, but which still couldn’t tame my wanderlust.

The Travel Bug:

Travelling, for me, has also followed this same pattern of spontaneity. We booked a one-way ticket to Bangkok via Cologne, chose our 40 litre backpacks and a few other essentials, booked our first 2 nights accommodation, and set off…

We literally had no plan further than that. We had intentions of drifting around the typical South East Asian hotspots, and then heading on to Australia and New Zealand for as long as our savings would carry us. As I write, we are 4 months into our first attempt at long-term, budget travel and so far we have taken a pretty unorthodox route; we like to go wherever we feel is right for us at the time, which is in-fitting with our spontaneity. Also, we have met up with family members from home on 2 separate occasions which partially dictated where we had to be on certain dates.

Since September 2018, we have travelled around south Thailand, on to Peninsular Malaysia, up to Vietnam (with Michaels’ sister, brother-in-law and nephew), back over to south Thailand, back to Malaysia again (to meet my Mother who travelled with us from Christmas to mid-January), down to Singapore for an epic New Year, off to Bali and then back up to Cambodia where I am currently sat watching the sunset from a coffee shop in Phnom Penh!

From here we plan to head to Loas, into Northern Thailand, and possibly down through some of the other islands of Thailand or Indonesia before we make our way over to Aussie land. Knowing us though, there may be some additions and alterations along the way!

So… Why am I Blogging?

Firstly, and selfishly, since leaving University I have not had much opportunity or reason to write, despite the fact that I love writing. It is time for this to change and so I want to prioritise this creative outlet for myself and my wellbeing. Therefore, having a blog which holds me accountable and gives me a sort of obligation to write would be very beneficial to myself.

Secondly, blogging this drifter journey will allow me to document and share my travels, including all the places, experiences, mishaps and successes that happen throughout this trip. Therefore, I hope to have some valuable insight to offer to other newbie drifters and dream-chasers out there looking for inspiration and guidance for their savings and finances, travel destinations or drifting from the norm (standard 9-5 model) in order to follow your dream, and create the lifestyle you want.

What you will find here at Nikki the Drifter

If you are looking for travel guides for your own dream destinaitions, hacks and advice on dealing with the difficult aspects of long-term travel, or if you want some inspiration for savings and following your dreams then this is the place for you!

This blog is where I will share the details of our adventure, with some guidance and advice along the way regarding the cities and countries in which I have had great, and sometimes challenging experiences. I will be posting on a weekly schedule varied schedule,  (inspiration, motivation and Wi-Fi permitting). You can expect to see content from me involving guides and reviews, handy travel hacks, and budget updates.

Get in touch to let me know more about you by commenting on these posts with any questions or suggestions; engage with the content, myself and each other so that we can all share our travel experience and create a supportive network that empowers other drifters to chase their dreams.

So, that’s enough about me for now. If there’s anything more you’d like to know, then please feel free to ask.

I hope you enjoying reading along and following my drifter journey.

Lots of Love…


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